Fully Fund Our Education System:

As a mother of five children who are past and current MNPS students, and in countless conversations with teachers and staff, Zulfat knows the importance of providing equitable funding for ALL metro public schools. When elected, she will be committed to ensuring that our schools get the resources they need regardless of the location or zip code.

Community Based Budgeting:

Creating a budgeting mechanism that prioritizes and takes input from the community and ensures that government funding reflects issues that are important to the citizens. As a Councilwoman, Zulfat will be diligent about working with community leaders to support the best use of city spending in the annual budgets.

Livable Wages:

A “livable wage” speaks for itself – no one should be working full time anywhere in the United States, certainly not here in Nashville, the IT City, and not be able to support herself or himself. There should be no such thing as “working poor.”